The biggest mistake while doing binary options

Trading in binary options is not so popular, because it is easy to understand and can be learned in a relatively short time. killer deal take Nevertheless there are stumbling blocks, which must be passed. We now reveal what novices must pay particular attention to, and what problems can best be avoided.

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For several years, the number of new binary brokers has continued to rise. But many of them disappear just as quickly as they have dived. The reasons for this can be different, but usually it is then rather untrustworthy provider. Other brokers, however, have been around for many years, which have already made a name for themselves in the industry.

One of the most important criteria in the selection of a broker is the regulation. Since the binary broker (s) are mainly based in Cyprus, they are the responsibility of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange work one-time offer Commission (CySEC). Serious brokers provide the appropriate license number on their website. To be safe, this a replacement of can also be checked on the CySEC website.

Although CySEC licensing can not provide 100% protection, the black sheep are quickly recognized in the industry because of the minimum standards to be observed. On the other hand, there are also brokers, who do not have licensing, but still work seriously. For example, the provider ZoomTrader has its seat in the but my site Seychelles, where EU law can not be applied. However, the broker enjoys a good reputation and is considered serious, fair and safe.

However, there are other criteria when choosing a broker to separate the wheat from the chaff. The following points should be considered:

Such a bonus is something fine, think most. Without much effort the amount paid can be increased or even doubled. But this is not money. The fact that the bonus money can not simply be lifted from the broker’s account is clear to most traders. However, only a few are aware of the conditions that make up such a bonus, which can end in a nasty surprise.

In principle, a certain trade turnover must be achieved if one wants to here when pay out a bonus. As a rule, this trade turnover is a multiple of the bonus amount. Usually the odds are between 10 and 50.

Example scenario:

Some brokers also see high penalties for a cash withdrawal before the conditions are check out here most fulfilled. If, for example, 750 euros from the 550 euros of the previous example scenario, they can not be disbursed since the bonus conditions have not yet been fulfilled. If you are still looking for a payout, some brokers go and withdraw the bonus amount as well as the 200 euro profit, leaving only 500 euros left.

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Before a bonus is claimed, the bonus conditions should be thoroughly read. These are usually found in the General Terms and Conditions on the broker’s website. Alternatively, you can also contact customer service.

Anyone who engages in click resources say highly speculative financial instruments must always be aware that he can lose all his capital. The chances and risks of trading with binary options must be clear to everyone. it recommended site For this reason, the money should be consciously bypassed. Especially beginners neglect risk and management, which is highly likely to lead to high losses. To avoid this, traders should follow the rules below:

  • Trading capital: Trading capital is the amount that a trader can lose without affecting his or her personal life.
  • Distribution: All trading capital should never be invested in a single trade. Experts rate the distribution on many