Trading with binary options: compulsory knowledge about the markets

Trading binary options is very complex. Especially newcomers initially find it very difficult to understand this complex market and to recognize the many parameters that influence the markets. There are always fluctuations in the markets. In order to act successfully, it is, of course, extremely important for traders to react to these situations. For this reason, it is particularly important to pay attention to the following aspects.

Impact of interest rate decisions

Trade look what i found us in the markets will be Of central bank decisions, such as changes in the benchmark her consultant interest rate or the granting of loans to banks. If the interest rate is increased or decreased, this leads to enormous interest rate fluctuations in binary options within a very short time, since it is very important for the national economy.

Traders can use these decisions by the central banks very well in order to turn the price outbreaks into profits. Central bank releases can be well planned, as the dates for the meetings and the announcement of the results are usually already fixed. But the assumptions that precede it also lead to which their explanation a certain market volatility.

Straight traders, who deal with binary options with currency pairs, should always keep the central banks in mind. Why this is so important can be explained by a simple example:

If interest rates remain stable for a long time in two different countries, there is not think view much change in existing investment capital in both countries. If a central bank now increases the interest rate, investors invest in the other currency. Impact on private investors has not yet seen this, while institutional investors are trying to get the best conditions for their clients. As a result, larger capital increases are taking place, so that the demand for the currency from the country with the higher interest rate increases.

Impact of the oil price

Oil as a raw material has basically nothing in time informative post common with the asset stock, it is about different investment possibilities. Nevertheless, the price of oil has a major impact on the stock market, although, of course, the stocks concerned are also affected by the black gold (eg oil companies).

The following analysis chain is therefore made:

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  • Oil price increase
  • Demand is increasing
  • more orders for companies
  • more sales for companies
  • Rising share prices

Based on this analysis chain it becomes clear that an oil price increase also affects other share prices and not just the oil official source there stocks.

Nevertheless, it must also be said that an oil price increase does not necessarily lead to price increases. Looking at the whole in terms of the price of oil, there may also be falling prices. For companies, this means higher costs for oil production. Again, the profit would decrease, which could have a negative impact on the prices. Of course, a falling oil price could also have a positive or negative effect this contact form up on the stock market.

However, there is an additional aspect of the oil price that can affect the stock market, the US dollar exchange rate, as oil is traded in that currency. This connection is also referred to as an “Invoice effect” in the technical language. If, for example, the US dollar gains in value against the currencies of oil-producing countries, the oil price will rise automatically to compensate for the increased US dollar exchange rate. If the US dollar rate is click reference these below, the oil price usually moves upwards, which gives traders good prospects.

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